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The GREENHOUSE Show, a unique platform for talent volcanism, is an ONLINE TALENT SHOW. It is world’s first talents show that gives contestants the opportunity to showcase themselves to the world in the comfort of their homes. GREENHOUSE Show is a product of five years of creative, innovative, futuristic pondering, development and planning. It is developed to instill in young ones the essence of entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, values, good morals, ethics, hard work, smart work, teamwork and diligence in climbing up to success. The aim is to bring the best out of all contestants, otherwise known as HOMEMATES, while inspiring millions of other youths across Nigeria and beyond, and ultimately produce what is called, HOMEMADE STARS.

The Show will feature 5 categories of entrepreneurial activities. Ten contestants will spend 15 days as GREENHOUSE Homemates and showcase their talents to the world. Their skills and intelligence will be further trained by the GREENHOUSE Show professional anchors and judges for each category of the entrepreneurial activities. Each category will attract a total prize of N2.5 million for business start-ups.

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